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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Parents and Children &Child Abuse and Neglect School attendance is generally required at the age of 7 years old to 16. A child who misses school without justification is considered truant.In 2003 more than one million school-aged children were educated at home. Parents are not legally required to pay for college tuition. Emancipation Most basic responsibilities is to support their child..This means the parents must provide the basic necessities of life. Support Education When the child reaches adult hood -age 18 in most states. The children are free from the legal control and custody of their custody. Dicipline Parental Responsiblity for Childrens Acts Child abuse takes many forms. Child neglect occurs more frequently than child abuse and involves the failure to properly feed,clothe, shelter, educate, supervise, or tend to the medical needs of a child. Sexual Abuse Reported cases of sexual abuse have increased dramatically in recent years. A sexual offender is often a person a child knows and trusts. People online often lie to chil;dren about who they really are. Paternity Actions in court to establish his fatherhood and forced him to pay pregnency expenses and child support. If the mother is a minor, some states allow her parents to bring the suit. Medical Care Care and Supervison Their are no minimum hours parents must spend with their children. Famil Responsibility Laws Parents have the right and a duty to supersive their children.Children have a legal obligation to obey their parents and to follow reasonable rules. Requirement for sadult children to take care of thier elderl parents. Other states have abolished these laws, and aalmost all states limit the support obligation. Parents have a legal duty to protect and supervise their parents permission to obtain medical care.
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