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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Don John's scheming plans ACT 2 ACT 4 Based on observation feedback and PD goals, teachers engage in cycles with mentors and instructional leaders "I cannot be said to be a flattering honest man, it must not be denied but I am a plain-dealing villain."1.3.356-358 ACT 3 ACT 5 School- Wide Mid-Year Reflection ACT 1 Don John realizes that Don Pedro plans to court Hero in order to give her to Claudio. Don John decides to make trouble for Claudio. Conrad and Borachio swear to help him. "Signior, you are very near my brother in his love: he is enamoured on Hero; I pray you, dissuade him from her: she is no equal for his birth: you may "do the part of an honest man in it."2.1.547-550 Don John tricks Claudio into thinking that the prince is going to woo hero for himself. Don Johns biggest scheme yet; Borachio agrees to make love to Margaret under the name of Hero to deceive the prince and Claudio that Hero is a whore. "You may think I love you not:let that appear hereafter, and aim better at me by that I now will manifest. For my brother, I think he holds you well, and in dearness of heart hath holp to effectyour ensuing marriage" At the wedding The prince, Claudio and Don John publicly shame hero, saying that she was seen last night being unfaithful. Sir, they are spoken, and these things are true.4.1.1709 Don Johns schemes are put to an end and he is captured and imprisoned. Think not on him till to-morrow: I'll devise thee brave punishments for him. Strike up, pipers.5.4.2681-2683
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