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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *resources here 78.2 millionDog Lovers 86.4 million cats Cat Lovers 5.2 millionDog Lovers 7.8 million Cat Lovers 26.8 millionDog Lovers 11 million Cat Lovers 2.4 millionCat Lovers 3.5 millionDog Lovers 3.5 million Dog Lovers 2.4 million CatLovers Dogs and Cats In each conenent 30 millionDog Lovers 14.7 millionCat Lovers Famous Dogs in South America:Argentine DogoBrazilian MastiffBrazilian TerrierFamous Cats in South America:Brazilian ShorthairAndean CatJaguarundi Famous Dogs in America:Labrador RetrieverGerman Shepherd Golden RetrieverFamous Cats In America: SiamesePersian Maine Coon Famous Africa Dogs:AidiEgyptian ArmantAzawakh (African Greyhound)Famous Africa Cats:African Serval Savannah catsChausie Cat Famous Australia Dogs:BeagleBorder CollieLabrador RetrieverFamous Australia Cats:Australian Mist CatsLong Hair Burmilla CatAustralian Mist Cat Famous Asia Dogs:Shih TzuJapanese ChinThai RidgebackFamous Asia Cats:Bengal Cat'sHimalayan CatOriental Cat Breed Famous Europe Dogs:BeagleBoxerYorkshire TerrierFamous Europe Cats:British Shorthair CatsBurmilla CatPoodle
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