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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FACTS ABOUT DOGS Popular names! -According to studies, the most popular dog name is Max. Other popular names are Molly, Sam,Zac,and Magggie There are more than 150 dog breeds. Those breeds are separated into 8 groups. Sporting,hound,working,terrier,non-sportingtoy,herding. and miscellaneous. Dogs sweat through pads on there feet,not by panting. They also can be right or left pawed! Puppies have 28 teethAdult dogs have 42 teeth photos A dogs heart at resting statecan bump 60-100 bumps perminute A dogs scence of smell in 10,000-100,000 times betterthan a humans! So watch that bacon Dogs can understand up to250 words,and commands.They cant feel guilt, but they can feel envy Max Dogs don't have many taste buds.Humans have around 9,000, but dogs only have 1,700 Apple, and pear seeds can be deadly to dogs because of the chemicals they contain It is said that dogs have no sence of time Dogs are the 2nd most diversemammals on earth. Humans are the 1st Dogs have 3 eyelids.Upper, lower, and a 3rd one called a haw Pablo Picasso had a pet dog names lump Dogs can dream
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