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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brief Summary of The Show Brief Summary of The Show The story revolves around The Doctor, a Time Lord who traverses space and time in his TARDIS, which stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It is a ship that is huge on the inside but looks like a small blue Metropolitan Police Box from the 1950's on the outside. He is usually accompanied by a companion, and battles the likes of the villainous Daleks and Cybermen as he endeavours to save the universe from evil. History of The Show History of The Show Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television programme produced by the BBC from 1963 to the present day. Twelve actors have headlined the series as the Doctor. The transition from one actor to another, and the differing approach to the role that bring, is written into the plot of the show as regeneration into a new incarnation, a life process of Time Lords through , which the character of the Doctor takes on a new body and, to some extent, new personality, which occurs after sustaining injury which would be fatal to most other species. It is the longest running TV show worldwide since it has been running for 50 years. The show is a significant part of British popular culture, and elsewhere it has become a cult television favourite. The show has influenced generations of British television professionals, many of whom grew up watching the series. Like in David Tennant -The Tenth Doctor-'s case. He grew up as a fan of The Doctor, and when it was time he became The Doctor. So what good do the writers of the show do me ? Well, a great plot, amazing details, So, Doctor, your opinion ? Agreed, Doctor. Agreed. Teenagers45% Eldery (fans of the classic series)5% Chart of Doctor Who Fans Chart of Doctor Who Fans Children35% Adults15% Doctor Who fans are usuallylocated in Scotland sincethe actor who plays The Doctor(David Tennant) is Scottish Oh I forgot to mention that The Doctor is a science geek, in other words, a GENIUS
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