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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dmitri Mendeleev Known as thechemist who createdthe first periodic table. Arranged 63 elements based on their atomic masses. Fixed incorrect atomic weights of certain elements. Accurately predicted the existence of 8 new elements. Published theperiodic tablein the bookPrinciples of Chemistryin 1869. The Importance of the Periodic Table: It helps show the elements that may have similar properties or work the same chemically. Understanding the table can help scientists perform experiments because of the information in it. The table can be used for classification of newly discovered/predicted elements as well as identify what their properties may be. It can also help the user identify unknown matter by providing the information of all thedifferent and similar elements. In a dream I saw a table where all the elements fell into place as required.Awakening, I immediately wroteit down on a piece of paper. Source: Jain, A. (2011). Mendeleev's 1871 Periodic Table: Dmitri's creation of the periodic table is directly linked to the topic of the periodic table in this course because he was the one that created and organized the first periodic table. Source: Studyhelpline. (2010). A Direct Link: 2 Interesting Aspects of Learning: The metalloid elements are alsointeresting because they have properties of non-metals andmetals which makes themvery unique. The staircase on the table is interesting becauseit separates metal and nonmetal elementswhich is very helpful.
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