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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Four, very mysterious, very brave. Also very attractive. Almostfearless.All of these are just some basic reasons as to why Tris fell in love with him. Theme;Love can be found inthe most unusual places and has the power to overcome the most unusual things. Divergent Plot; Beginning- Tris makes a decision to leave her faction and become Dauntless because she was too selfish to be in Abnegation. She never expected to fall in love with anyone, especially there. Objective Summary;Tris wanted to make it through dauntless initiation but, she was divergent and that caused her to have many problems. So Four helped her along the way and eventually fell in love with her. Tris, brave, courageous, and daring. In thebook Tris is different from everyone else which was one of the reasons her and Four fell in love. Setting;Most of the story takes place in the future, like a post apocalyptic America, inside the Dauntless compound. This is where people go to train and learn how to be brave or fearless, not a place where they would typically fall in love. Plot;Middle- Four starts to help Tris out in her fear landscape so she doesn't get killed for being Divergent. They began to show their affection for each other. Also Tris learns about Four's past, which is something he has never shared with anyone. Plot;End- In attempt to overthrow Abnegation, Erudite created a serum, that they gave to all of the Dauntless initiates, this controlled their every move and caused them to form an army that went after the Abnegation. Since Tris and Four were both Divergent they could manipulate the serum. Upon figuring this out Janine, leader of the Erudite, gave Four a serum that actually controlled him. But by using the power of love Tris was able to snap Four out of the daze he was in and in the end they stopped the Erudite's serum from doing anymore damage.
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