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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Today, distractions have reached epic levels. Here's where workers report spending time during the workday: Rise of the Distractions As workplace interruptions trend higher, can productivity be saved? Office workers in the '80s had to deal with: Office gossip Personal phone conversations Meetings 37% visit online news sites* 2% check sports* 14% admit to online shopping* 15% waste time on Facebook* 8% read online news* Responding to email consumes 2.5 hours a day^ Unproductive meetings waste 31 hours a month** Time-wasting interruptions happen 56 times a day+ Workers today feel more than 4 hours a day gets wasted on non-productive activities 10% browse LinkedIn for better jobs* At an hourly average of $32, that comes out to $640 a week $2,560 a month $30,720 a yearof wasted time per employee How are organizations dealing with increased distractions? 50% of organizations embrace BYOD with the goal of improved app usage1 32% have dedicated one day per week that's free from meetings2 There's a simple way to cut down on daily distractions on a piece of equipment your employees use over 12 times a day. 48% of companies block, throttle, or ban the streaming of non-work-related content3 See the new HP LaserJets. Built for the leaner, smarter, faster office > Sources* 2014 Workplace Survey**^ TBD3 Throw in these old time favorites reinvented in a more hectic digital age
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