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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Disney's Hercules The Hero's Journey Call toAdventure Refusal ofCall Road ofTrials Meeting withGoddess Woman asTemptress Atonementwith father Belly ofthe whale Crossing ReturnThreshold Rescue fromWithout MagicFlight Refusal ofReturn UltimateBoon Apotheosis Crossing FirstThreshold Hercules is addressed by hisreal father in the image of Zeussstatue brought to life. This essentiallyfrightens Hercules and urges himto run off, but before hecan, Zeus explains to him thathe is, in fact, his son, whichmakes him a God, but when Hercules was kid napped,his abductors turned him mortalmaking it impossible forhim to live with his familyon Mount Olympus.In order for Hercules toreunite with his family,he is told that he mustfirst prove himself a true hero. Freedomto live Master of2 Words SupernaturalAid When it becomes obviousthat Hercules is unsatisfiedwith his home life;feeling like he doesntbelong, his caring adopted parents choose to tell himthe true story of how theyare not his real parents. They go on to informHercules that they foundhim as an infant wearinga medallion marked withthe symbol of the Gods.Hercules then sets out to the temple of Zeusfor answers. After excessive training,Hercules believes he isready to prove himself,and so Phil and Pegasustake him to a town calledThebes, a place known fordisaster, and as Phildescribes, a place where."if you can make it there,you can make it anywhere." Hercules is challenged bymany of Hades vile alliedcreatures, the God of theUnderworld and leader ofHerculess abduction.Every monstrous enemyHercules is faced withfalls beneath his victory. Megara, or better knownas Meg, is a soullessyoung woman whocaptivates Hercules upontheir first meeting whenhe rescues her fromthe river guardian.Hercules is ignorantto the fact that sheworks for Hades, givingthat she traded her soul to save herex-lover, who in return,left her for anotherwoman. d Hades grows furious with every defeat he andhis allies endure, so he plots an attackon Hercules, sending a different curveball hisway. He summons Meg to seduce Herculesand discover his true weakness. In doingso, Hades realizes that Herculess weakness ishis love for Meg. Through all of his victories, Hercules is convincedthat he has proven himself a true hero, for hebecomes the most popular Hero figure inall of Greece, and defeats every villain hegoes come up against. Still, whenHercules revisits his father at the Templeof Zeus, he is disgruntled to learn that hehas yet to prove himself a true hero. Zeusattempts to explain to Hercules that fameand glory are not the ingredients of a truehero, instead, Hercules must look in his heart. Hades, with his new found knowledgeagainst Hercules, uses Meg as leveragein a negotiation in which Herculessurrenders his godly strength for24 hours. Hercules agrees under onecondition, hades sworn promise thatMeg would remain unharmed. Thoughweak and torn down from the realizationof Megs involvement with Hades,Hercules, is encouraged to fightagainst the unleashed titans by Phil. After defeating the Cyclops,Meg pushes Hercules outof the way of a falling pillarthat which crushes her. Breaking Hades dealHercules retains hisGod-like strength andsaves his father andMount Olympus fromattack of the titans. Afterdoing so, he makes onelast deal with Hades,trading his soul for Megs,if he can retrieve her fromthe River Styx. Because hewas willing to sacrifice hislife for the woman he loves,Hercules becomes a truehero, titling him a God. Upon saving Meg, Herculesis reunited with hisfamily on MountOlympus, in which heplans on staying, insteadof journeying back home.But, then he realizes thathe would rather spend amortal life with Meg. Hercules says his farewells to hisgodly family.Then, Hercules andMeg gracefully floatback down to Earthon a magical cloud. It was Phil, who was\there to encourageHercules to fight, evenwithout his strengthmaking it possible forthe gods to defeatHades and his evilplan to rule Olympus.When Herculesbecomes a true hero,Phils biggest wish isgranted and aconstellation of Herculesis created, that whicheveryone refers to asPhils boy, recognizinghim as the greatest herosmentor. Once Hercules journeysback home, he is reunitedwith his foster parents,and brings them muchhappiness and pride.Hercules also introduceshis new love interest,Megara, to them. Hercules isproclaimed atrue hero onEarth and onMount Olympus.This gifts himwith the masteryof both worlds. Under Herculesssatisfaction and personalenlightenment,he is able tolive life in allits joy. He andMeg livehappily ever after. The Hero is presented witha change in their ordinarylife. They are requested toleave their comfort zoneand embark on a differentpath. This path sets out theHeros road to enlightenment.The call is usually broughton to the hero at thetime of new beginnings. This new and sudden changeoften frightens the hero. Theybecome discouraged, andbelieve they are unable tosucceed in their adventure.Eventually though, the herocomes around. This step isusually the shortest of thephases. Upon the Heros journey theyare aided by anothercharacter. This character isusually already a master of2 worlds, and therefore is ofmuch assistance to the hero.Sometimes a hero may havemore than one character thatguides them on their adventure.Essentially, without thesupernatural aid, the herowould not succeed. In this step, the heroleaves his ordinary worldbehind. It is the first signof adversity. This step isoften represented by aliteral crossing of the hero,whether it be a doorwayor a portal. The heroexperiences their firstdiscovery of the new world.It is also in this phase, that ahero learns what theirpurpose it. This step, is essentially, thepoint of no return. This iswhere the heros adventurereally begins. The hero isfaced with their initiationtrial; the first major turningpoint in their adventure.Often, it is symbolized witha battle of test of wits.Sometimes, the hero doesnot always succeed in thisstep, however, they are stillable to move on down thepath of their adventure. The road of trials is aseries of events that testthe heros abilities. Theyoften come in the form ofbattles. These trials helpstrengthen and preparethe hero for his apotheosis.This is where the mentorbecomes the most helpfulto her hero. The meeting with the goddessis a stage where the heroconnects with another character, mostoften a woman. Thischaracter strikes encouragementinto the heart of the hero.Her purpose is to assurethe hero of their confidenceand introduce them tothe light of love. Thislove empowers the herosetting forth theirdetermination of heroicvictory. This is the inevitable trialof the heros concentration.A character, most often a woman,attempts to seduce the hero.This weakens the hero andmakes them more vulnerableto the forces out to defeat theirvictory. Yet, the hero usuallyovercomes the temptationsor is rescued by their mentor. In this stage the hero is introducedto a character that representsa sense of a fatherly figure. Thecharacter is characterized ascompetitive and or authoritative.They try to keep the hero fromsucceeding in a sensible fashion.Moreover, the character may notput up a physical fight, butinstead, a mental fight withthe hero. This is the stage of climax.It is often represented asthe heros epic battle. In everyadventure the hero always wins.It is the battle they have beentraining and preparing for. After the hero succeeds they arerewarded with their prize goal. Thisis where the hero isenlightened and defeats bothmental and physical battles.They are often gifted with theknowledge of both worlds. Inextent, the hero becomesrighteous with self-awareness. When all is said and done, thehero has naturally adapted tothe new world. They are in nohurry to rush home. After all, ittook the hero a whole journeyto get where they are now, andusually dont want to returnhome right away. In the end,however, the hero knows theymust return and share theirnew found knowledge. As the hero determines their readinessto return home, as if by magic,or sometimes by magic, thehero returns home in aninstant. The hero flies on backto where they first beganleaving the new world behind.This stage is by far the shortest step in the journey. This step sometimes occurs afteror between the herosapotheoses. In this step,the hero is saved from certaindeath by a known character.It is the instance of possibilityin the heros success andvictory. This phase is theheros realization step ofappreciation, where theyhave learned to let go ofego and pride. This step is most often Deja vubackwards for the hero. Theyleave the same way theyentered the new world. Thistime they return with thecomfort of both worlds. Theheros return is usually thewrapping up of the story behind he adventure. From the heros travels and greatvictories they learn and developalong the way. In their successthey are gifted with the knowledgeand mastery of both worlds. Theygo on to tell their adventure andnew discoveries. Through their personal enlightenmentand new found knowledge,the hero is able to live freely.They no longer frighten of thesight of new things becausethey have already masteredboth worlds. This is essentially,the step where the hero obtainstheir happily ever after title totheir adventure. Hercules is aided by thehelp of his companion Pegasus, a magnificetwinged horse created byhis father, Zeus. Togetherthey fly off and set forth toseek out the help of hismentor Philoctetes, betterknown as Phil, a half goathalf human creature whois recognized as the trainerfor all of Greeces greatestHeroes. When Hercules finds Phil, heis able to convince himthat he is the son of a Godand is in desperate needof his guidance. Phil finallyagrees and begins to trainHercules to be a hero,preparing him for his chanceto prove himself.
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