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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Frozen Hero Wheel Status Quo: Arendale Elsa and Anna are princessesbut Elsa is not a normal princess.She has the power to freeze things.When it is time for her to be queen sheworries people will find out her powerand will not like her as a queen. So at her coronation she runs away from Arendale. Call to AdventureAnna leavesto find Elsa Anna leaves on a adventure to find her sister Elsa.That is creating an eternal winter with her powers. AssistanceAnna gets helpfrom Kristoff After trying to find Elsa by herself and failing, Anna gets help from a stranger named Kristoff and his reindeer named Steph Departure After a hard night in themorning Anna and Kristoff depart to the mountainswhere they believe Elsa is Approach Anna and Kristoff approach Elsa'scastle made of ice. Then enter hercastle. Anna talks to Elsa and tells her to stop the eternal winter.Then Elsa shoots ice and Anna's Heart. CRISIS When Elsa froze Anna'sHeart she didn't realizethat if her heart freezesshe could die, so Anna isbeing rushed to Arendaleto save her. Treasure Anna got rewarded by getting a revived by her sisterfrom the frozen heart. Result Anna survives and Elsa stopsthe eternal winter. Olaf the snowman also survives and can now live in the sun. Return/ NewLife Anna and Elsa now return toArendale where Elsa is a Normal queen that uses her powers for good.
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