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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Disney Vs. Grimm Grimm Fairy tales are adult themed literature.It includes.. premarital intercourse, graphic violence,child abuse, antisemitism,incest,and wicked stepmothers. Although Brothers Grimm wrote over 209 tales , they never seemed to to get involved in the film industry.The closet action you would see was probably in a children's plays. Less then 25% of parents will read the edited versions of Grimm tales. This including Snow White,Cinderella,Hansel and Gretel and other well known stores due to the fact that they still consider it to be gruesome Walt Disney adopted the Grimm brothers folktales and began animating it,doing this by also making stories child-friendly these tales and since a popular fan base formed, later on began making films. Although Disney did child-proof the Grimm tales ,certain readers believed that there occurred rasim during depending films.Aladdin-header song,Peter pan-"What makes the red men red"Lion King- hyenas Grimm tales had fame, but when Disney advanced these tales into Pictures,colored cartoons and books and soon Blockbuster films.They internationalized what once used to be just stories told at bedtime in cabins. Disney and Grimm tales have their differences but in common was that these stories had morels and values.Just that Disney had more positive alternatives then bloody Grimm lessons.
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