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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 made by Aaron Pham 1;00 ~ Call to Adventure Ralph, aka one of the villains, doesn't want to be a villain anymore, so he decides to go and get a medal to prove himself as a hero. 2:00 ~ Assistance After his failed attemptat getting a medal, Ralph ends up in a new game called "SugarRush." There, he meets a girl named "Vanellope" andshe agrees to helpRalph become a true hero. 3:00 ~ Departure Ralph and Vanellopego and make a new car for Vanellope to race, which was why Vanellope agreed to help Ralph. The car turned out to be a disaster,but Venellope loved it. 4:00 ~ Trials 5:00 ~ Approach 6:00 ~ Crisis 7:00 ~ Treasure 8:00 ~ Result After talkingwith King Candy, kingof Sugar Rush, Ralphrealizes it's dangerousfor Vanellope to racebecause of her "problem." So, Ralphdecides to wreck herbrand new car. After Ralph destroysVanellope's car,he speaks to Sour Bill and he tells Ralphabout how KingCandy sabotagedVanellope to become a glitch. So, Ralph triesto stop King Candy, aka the real villain, before he takes over the game. Right before KingCandy finishes his race,Vanellope pops infront of him and beatshim. Suddenly, KingCandy turns eviland threatens everyone.Sugar Rush is not a happy place anymore. In the end, the only treasure obtained wasVanellope gettingto be the queen ofSugar Rush. As a result, everything wentback to normal and Ralphhad departed from SugarRush. He and his game partner went back to his own game.
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