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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Status quo: Jack Sparrow is in Port Royal to steal a ship. He encounters Elizabeth Swann and rescues her from drowning(her dress was too tight, so shefell off a tower and into the water).Jack gets caught, however, and is arrested. That night, pirates captureElizabeth(she has a necklace that ismade of one cursed gold coin that thepirates need to reverse their curseand not be immortal skeletons), andher long-time, good friend WilliamTurner sets out to rescue her. Call to adventure: William breaks JackSparrow out of prison to help with the rescue mission. Jack agrees, buthis only real incentive is to get his ship,the Black Pearl, back(ten years earlier,Jack had been captain of the ship thatthe pirates hadcaptured Elizabeth on. He was overthrown by his first mate, Barbossa). Assistance: Jack Sparrow looks to his crewand his old friend, Joshamee Gibbs for helpwith finding and defeating Captain Barbossa.William is also there to help, of course. Ordinary World Special World Departure: Jack Sparrow, his crew, andWill(William Turner) depart for Isle deMuerta, There, they plan to fight Barbossa,rescue Elizabeth, and get some treasure. Disney Infographic of: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Trials: Jack gets knocked out by Will laterbecause Will suspected him of betrayal.Jack is captured by Barbossa and getsstranded on an island, along with Elizabeth.They are rescued by one of Elizabeth'scolleagues, and they return so that Jackcan fight Captain Barbossa in a duel to thedeath. Approach: Elizabeth's colleague, knownas James Norrington, comes to Isle deMuerta, and drops Jack off. Jack saystells Barbossa that Norrington's shiphas come to take the Black Pearl, soBarbossa launched a return attack atthe ship. Crisis: Barbossa's undead army takes Norrington'sship, and Barbossa and Jack engage in their swordfight. Jack, however(not according to plan),becomes immortal, by stealing a cursed gold coin(mentioned in the status quo)and could not bekilled until they undid the curse. Jack distractedBarbossa long enough for William to undo the curse,and Jack shoots Barbossa. Treasure: Barbossa dies, andthe curse was no longer inorder. Barbossa's crewsurrendered, as well. Result: Jack, Elizabeth, Will, andthe crew could now return safelyto their home... there was onlyone small problem. Return: Once they return to Port Royal,Norrington is forced to hang Jack. Atthe hanging, Will rescues Jack andElizabeth and him "confess their lovefor each other." Norrington pardonsWill for his law-breaking, and Jackescapes. New life: Jack escapes to thenewly repaired Black Pearl,and return to his life of pirating.Norrington gave him a day'shead start before he set out tocatch Jack, however. Resolution: Jack, Elizabeth, Will,and Jack's crew were all returned to leading their normallives, except for Elizabeth andWill's love. All of the people inthe story were free and notcursed-except for Barbossa'smonkey, Jack, who snuck backonto the island and stole a gold coin.
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