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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Transmitable Diseases Non-Transmitable Diseases Naegleria Fowleri/nəˈɡlɪəriə/ This disease is widely known as the "Brain-Eating Amoeba and is free-living and deadly! This disease is caught through warm bodies of water; i.e. hot springs, or pools This is diagnosed by growing it in a non-nutrient agar plates coated with bacteria(Agar= a gelatinous substance obtained from red seaweed) This disease affects the body mostly in the brain, or all in the brain, as it eats away brain tissue Someone with this diseaseexperiences, headache, fever, nausea, or vomiting. Later, it causes symptoms that have to do with the brain, like seizures. While it is not clear asto an effective treatment,a drug called miltefosinerarely works, but does, with patients. The drug Structure This disease can be prevented by reducing water going up the nose, while swimming,or just not go into water at all. Pertussis(Or simply, whooping cough) This disease is caught from people with the Bordetella Pertussis Bacterium, it is highly contagious. This bacteria is diagnosedwith the culturing of nasopharyngeal swabs. Most people do notseek medical help with first week, and cannot get diagnosed after. It affects the body in the lungs/ throat area As you cough violently until you have to sharply inhale for oxegyn. Some one with this diseaseexperiences coughing fits,whooping, (from inhaling sharply)vomiting, and apnea. Pertussis is generally treatedwith antibiotics. Cough medicineprobably won't work. To prevent this disease,one would need to take vaccinations and avoidclose contact with people. Krabbe disease This disease is not caughtbut genetically induced bymutations in the GALC gene. GALC gene This disease is diagnosed bycharacteristic grouping of certaincells, (globoid cells). This disease generally affectsthe nervous system, and the myelin sheath of it.(myelin= material that formsa layer around the axon of a neuron Someone with this disease experiences irritability, fevers,limb stiffnes, seizures, feedingdifficulties, vomiting, While there is no absolute cure for Krabbe Disease, Physical Therapymay help, and Cord blood transplants are known to stop the disease As it is genetic, the only way for it to be prevented is not having children, Glaucoma This disease is not caught,but is caused by intraocularpressure, with damages theoptic nerve in your eye. It is diagnosed by havinga standard eye examinationwith measurements of the intraocular pressure. It affects the body throughyour eyes and brain,as it makesa person with this disease gradually lose sight. A person with this disease experiences slow loss ofperipheral (side) vision, andit eventually spreads to the center,and all vision is lost. Treatment for this diseaseinclude various types, suchas,medicines, laser trabeculoplasty, surgery,or a combo of these. It can be prevented by having regular eye exams.(i.e. every week) Osteoporosis This disease is not caught, but is rathercaused by imbalancebetween new bone andold bone resorption This disease is diagnosedby having biochemicalmarker tests, bone scansor simply, and x-ray. This disease affects the bodyin the bone area, as one withthis disease losses bone mass, Some one with this diseaseexperiences major bone lossas one will lose almost all bonemass and their bones will breakextremly easily. This disease is treated byhaving medications like calitonin or just eating a healthy diethigh in vitamin D and calcium This Disease can be prevented bygetting enough calcium and vitaminD, getting regular exercise, and avoid smoking. G5y4ZgsEuwHlgMMB87Cw8i-5U/edit Link to Bibliography | V
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