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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Infectious Disease Control at River Bluff High School By: Hailey Britt, Chandler Hutto, and Elizabeth Roquemore How would you deal with any sort of panic or fear among students and staff? A staff and faculty meeting would be held to inform everyone of the situation. Then inform the students and visitors in the building to stay calm, and wait for the district office to make the big decisions. How often are walls, carpets, hvac, and water system tested? What are they tested for? The carpet/walls are cleaned everyday. Hvac is tested 2 times a month and they are all tested for basic germs. What if one person in the whole classroom was infected? What will you do with him or herwill you take them to another room or will they stay in the room? Infected student removed depending on the infectivity of the illness the whole class may be quarantined. Parents of those in the vicinity of the infected will be contacted 120 staff members 1,800 students 15:1 student to staff ratio If an infected person was running around campus, I would get all of the students into classrooms and make sure all of the doors are locked. I would then contact an administrator and the deputies. What if an infected person was just running around campus? How would you handle parents who want to come to campus and take their potentially infective children home? At what point would you call the parents? The parents would be contacted once the situation at the school was under control of the officials and the students were available for release to go home. If parents come on campus because they want to take their potentially infectious children home, then I would take them the administrative office and endorse the parents requests because we can't tell the parents that they can't have their child.
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