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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Individual vs. Institutional Discrimination Prejudice -OPINION/BELIEF-Prejudgement w/out sufficient knowledge-Usually negative Stereotype -CHARACTERISTICS ascribed to certain groups-usually negative-We tend to notice these characteristics & overlook others-May have some original truth-has since been distorted,exaggerated, taken out of context-Can be used to justify actions taken against the group DISCRIMINATION -BEHAVIOR-Acting on prejudice and stereotypes-Denying equality of treatment POWER OPPRESSION = + Individual Discrimination Institutional/Structural Discrimination -ACTIONS by an individual toward an individual or a group of people-Intent to treat unequally because of group membership/identity-A person from a dominant or marginalized identity can practice this kind of discrimination -REINFORCES prejudice, stereotypes, and individual discrimination through SYSTEMS-Embedded in laws, customs, education, policies, practices, religion, national psyche-Carried out by dominant groups against marginalized groups b/c dominant groups bydefinition and history, control the social, political, & cultural institutions A systematic injustice,ideological domination, institutional control, forcing the oppressor group's ideology, logic system and culture on the oppressed group. -5 Face: Exploitation Marginalization A systematic injustice that disadvantages some groups for the benefit of others. 5 Faces: Exploitation Marginalization Powerlessness Cultural Imperialism Violence Ex: Rodney Kingbeating 1991 Cops targeting black & brown communityb/c stereotypes say they are more violentand likely to be criminals Police department POLICIES condoning behavior. Acquittal of officers in court/criminal justice SYSTEM Ability to exercise control. Decision making. Networks. Having access to social, cultural, political, & economic systems & resources
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