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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Catastrophic Events Tornadoes Hurricanes Thunder Storms Tornadoes are storms that are caused when warm air moves past cold air, causing a spiral,or vortex, of air. They get their famous grayishtint from dirt and dust picked up in the vortex. They are dangerous notbecause of their energy, but because of how focused their energy is.They can have wind speedsof over 100 miles per hour!A tornado is a very powerfulforce, but lying flat in a ditch,rut, bathtub, hole, etc... canshield you from theirawesome power. Hurricanes are powerful storms thatform over open water. They formover warm waters as these waterswarm up the air they evaporate into.This rising warm air brushing pastfalling colder air can create a spiralingmotion. This spiraling motion can beginto speed up. If its wind speeds exceed117 kilometers per hour, it is considereda hurricane. These devastating tropicalstorms can cause other storms to form,such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, andsmaller hurricanes. They can also causepowerful waves known as storm surgealong the coast. Storm surge can bevery dangerous, as it can cover hugeamounts of land almost instantaneouslyand wipes out almost all in its path. Lightning storms are weak stormsformed when enough wateraccumulates in clouds to makeit rain. If there are enough rainclouds in the sky, they can rubtogether, causing static buildup.When static buildup becomes togreat, it can jump from cloud tocloud, flashing across the skyin a static discharge. Thunderaccompanies, but appears toarrive later as light travels fasterthan sound. When a static dischargestrikes the ground, it is known aslightning. Lighting can be verydangerous, as it is a massiveamount of electricity and can be 7times as hot as the surface of thesun. (Note: The sun's surface ismuch cooler than it's core.)
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