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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Minimalist Guide to Match Making Love is... Unknowable. It's something that happens to you when you least expect it. A way of two peoplemeeting inthe middleand celebratingeach other A Social Construct.Not Real. my idea of a perfect night As told by Serena Elliot &Bryan Metcalf Family is... what I valueabove all else My personal motto is... Take the quiz with your sweetie and see if the two of you are Perfectly Matched! SCORES No Matter What Your Score, Remember: Love Will Find a Way!& to find out how Serena and Bryan findtheir way, check out Dirty Deal,Coming your way August 25th, 2014! 4/5 5/5 3/5 2/5 1/5 0/5 SCORES Wine &Reality TV A walk onthe beachand stargazing A 7 coursemeal and great conversation The most important thing Not as importantas it's cracked up to be Who you make it Loyalty &Trustworthiness Integrity &Determination Humility &Joy Live Every DayLike It's YourLast To thine ownself be true Blood is thickerthan water Soul Mates!If you say "peanut," he says "butter." You two were puton earth to be together. Lucky you! Friends to Lovers!Maybe you differ on a few minor things, but where it counts, the two of you fall in step. Accidentally in Love!The two of you have your ups and your downs, butwhen it comes to your relationship, you're bothdetermined to see it through. This might be a rollercoasterromance, but it's one hell of a ride! Star Crossed Lovers!He's a little bit country, you're a little bit rock and roll.That's cool. What brings the two fo you together is how wild you are about each other. Opposites Attract!Like Serena and Bryan, on paper, you two seem like you'd never belong together.Still, sometimes love is found where you least expect it. Enemies to Lovers!You two do not see eye to eye. That's all right!Sometimes you need your opposite in order to see the middle of the road. You've found your equal and opposite!
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