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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Job Description Needs vs. Skills Analysis Director of Business Analytics Lead our efforts to understand the strengths and opportunities within the business Sheila Flick, MBA, PMP Act as an individual, hands on contributor for the first 6-9 months Experienced in MS Excel,, SQL. Also experienced in web development (HTML, CSS) and web analytics.he best way to understand an organization's data is to roll up your sleeves and work with the data and the reporting directly. Build a team around you, thus taking on more of a management role. Throughout my career I have formed and managed teams. I believe that open, transparent team communication and rapid, agile development methodologies help teams excel. Work cross-functionally with multiple teams and departments to determine and meet their reporting and analytic needs Someone who loves the data/analysis aspect of the job. I am passionate about turning data into information, and turning information into decisions and actions. A leader and individual who can drive meetings and discussions with key stakeholders. I am comfortable talking at all levels about data and it's importance in decision making. I enjoy eliciting reporting requirements through interactive conversations and hosting organized session. Position Description Highlights My large techonology company experience has enable me to develop skills in workingwith many departments, organizations andfunctions. In addition to marketing and sales,I have worked with supply chain, finance, HR,manufacturing,services, legal and support. Led and managed the rolling 3-Year business intelligence roadmap for Global Sales and Marketing.Conducted current state assessments of business intelligence capabilities and facilitatedfuture state visioning. My Resume Highlights
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