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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Arts, crafts, and diplomas, oh my! Education and Training. Arts, Audio-Video, and Communications. -What they do. -Money/outlook. -Is this for you? -What to learn. Employees of this field are expected to sacrifice a lotof their time and attention to their work.There is a high demand and emphasis on job training and adaptingto change with the tools of the educational system.Money is dependent on specific jobs taken in this field I.E; Principalshave higher salaries while pre school teachers have lower ones, etc. Those in Education and Trainingare typically individuals strivingto teach the next generation,with jobs including teachers,principles, and educators. While I do humour the thought of becoming aneducator of some sort from time to time,ultimately I feel that this is simply not thecareer path for me. To be in this career field, one must havecredits in all mandatory areas (English,Math, Science, etc.) Along with a numberof credits in several other courses, includingHuman Growth and Development and Application of Education Professions. Eachjob also requires certain things, such as a preschool teacher needing at least a bachloursdegree and on the job training. Individuals who take up careers in the career field ofArts, Audio-Video, and Communications, range fromActors to Direcrots and Librarians, with much more inbetween. Outlook is quite good, as demand for those in this fieldis at an slmost constant high, at least compared tosome other job fields. Money depends on specific jobWith famous actors earning millions of dollars, whileHumble librarians make due with comparativelylow salaries. I have always been a fan of the media world,so I hope to someday make my mark on it, even ifit's something as small as being a cameraman To be in this career field, One must have credits in all mandatoryareas (English, Math, Science, etc.) As well as in history and economics.Most jobs in this field require on the job training, practice, and/or experience,Though having some post secondary education is always welcome and can certainly help out in getting a career started.
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