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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dining Out With Friends WITH A DISCOUNT EXACT SPLIT EVENLY 0 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 Exact Split Evenly With Discount Friend 1Shrimp Tacos: $14Drink: $8Total: $22Tax (7.40%):$22x0.074=$1.63Tip (20%):$22x0.2=$4.40Total:$22+$1.63+$4.40=$28.03Friend 1 pays exactly $28.63 What is sales tax in Fort Collins? Paying Someone Back... Friend 1: $22Friend 2: $20Friend 3: $18.50TOTAL: $60.50Tax (7.40%):$60.50x0.074=$4.48Tip (20%):$60.50x0.2=$12.10Total:$60.50+$4.48+$12.10=$77.08Total per Person:$77.08/3=$25.69Everyone pays $25.69 What is the best way to split the check? The easiest way to split a check is to get separate checks, but when thatis not possible the fairest way is to have each person pay for theirown either by cash or card.If everyone ordered about the same amount of food (meaning it cost thesame) then it makes sense and is easy to split the bill evenly. Another option to consider is if it makes sense to split the bill evenlyand have those that had more expensive meals tip proportionally. OR The easiest way to pay someone backis to just give them cash. If that is notpossible, then each friend should find out how much they owe and either add or subtract $3.25 depending on if they owe or are owed. For example, if Friend1 owes Friend2 $3.25 then Friend1 would pay $31.88 and Friend2would pay $22.23. THEN Sales tax in Fort Collins is 7.40%.( Tip should be 10% to 20% depending on service.( The easiest way to calculate tax and tip is to multiply your total by 1.274.You can combinethe tax and tip by just adding them(20%+7.4%=27.4%).The 1 means you willnot have to add thetax and tip to the original total. How much should you tip? Reflect Exact amounts withdiscount taken beforetax and tip are added.Discount (10%):($22x0.1)+$22=$19.80Friend 1: $19.80Friend 2: $18.00Friend 3: $16.65Tax and Tip (27.40%):($19.8x0.274)+$19.80=$25.23Friend 1: $25.23Friend 2: $22.93Friend 3: $21.21
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