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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dining Out With Friends WITH A DISCOUNT EXACT SPLIT EVENLY 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 Exact Split Evenly With Discount Add up your itemsBurger: $8.75Drink: $1.50TOTAL:$10.25Multiply total by tax %$10.25x0.074=$0.76Add to get new total$10.25+$0.76=$11.01Multiply originaltotal by tip %$10.25x0.2=$2.05Add to get total$11.01+$2.05=$13.06I pay exactly $13.06 What is sales tax in Fort Collins? Paying Someone Back... Add up everyone's itemsYou: $10.25Friend 1: $11.00Friend 2: $13.00Friend 3: $10.50TOTAL: $44.75Multiply total by tax %and tip %$44.75x0.074=$3.31$44.75x0.2=$8.95Add to get new total$44.75+$3.31+$8.95=$57.01Divide by number of people$57.01/4=$14.25Everyone pays $14.25 What is the best way to split the check? Questions to consider:Does it matter if you have exact change?What if you are using a card?Are there other ways to split a check that we didn't explore here?Do the calculations get more complicated if you all share a dessert? OR Questions to consider:Should you pay a portion of your friend's meal?Should you pay your friend with change from your meal?What is the easiest way to pay your friend back? Consider when the discount is taken (before or after tax). Also, consider if this means you tip less, since the total will be less.Choose to use exact or split evenly. Then calculate the new cost to each person after the discount. Remember: To take adiscount you can useproportions or the app. THEN Don't forget tocite your sources Don't forget to cite your sources ANSWER ONE OF THESE QUESTIONS:Is there a different or easier way to perform some of thesecalculations? Can you combine them?Would you use this app if you were dining out? Why or why not? How much should you tip? Reflect
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