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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Six Dimensions of Wellness tap and hold to changethis text! The educational dimension is about doing something meaningful and important instead of something unrewarding. It shows theimportance of profession, job satisfaction, career ambitions,and personal performance. Select a career that has to do with your ideas and beliefs. The Physical dimension is about understanding the importance of physical activity, good eatinghabits, and drug resistance. It's about knowingthe relationship between good nutrition and the bodies performance. Also being able to choose between nutritious and non-nutritious food, choosing the healthier of the two. The social dimension is about helping out the environment and your community. It helps you seek and find purpose and create lasting relationships with people and the environment. Also you are helping contribute to the community which helps with finding purpose. The Intellectual dimension is about recognizing ones abilities and creativity and using it to their full potential. You should cherish intellectual growth. It's better to stretch and challenge our minds than to stay inside your comfort zone. Spend more time doing your hobbies and develop curiosity. The spiritual dimension is about the search for meaning in human existence. It encludes understanding the natural forces that exist in the universe and having a good balance between feelings and emotions. Through out the journey of seeking the spiritual dimensions may result in ups and downs in your emotions. The emotional dimension is about accepting your feelings and learning how to view life positively. It's about the ability to deal with stress and view your feelings freely. Living and working independently is important as is realizing the importance of seeking support. Becoming aware of your feelings is important, and it is better to be optimistic rather than pessimistic. The Physical Dimension The EducationalDimension The IntellectualDimension The SocialDimension The Spiritual Dimension The Emotional Dimension
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