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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Digitally Speaking DIGITAL COMMUNICATION DIGITAL COMMERCE DIGITAL LITERACY DIGITAL ETIQUETTE DIGITAL LAW DIGITAL HEALTH & WELLBEING DIGITAL SECURITY DIGITAL ACCESS DIGITAL RIGHTS& RESPONSIBILITIES BECOMING A CITIZEN "If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow."John Dewey, Democracy & Education1916 This is understanding that a large about of shopping is being done online, having a mass impact on our economy.When shopping online make sure the websites you use are safe. This is the process of learningabout technology as well as teaching others about it.We need to be educated as it is used in manyaspects of life from day to day use as well as being a big part of business, Militaryand Medicine. Spending too much timeonline can cause eye problems,repetitive stress syndrome and sound ergonomic. To avoid this we should learn to use the internet in moderation and understand that yes the internet is an amazing tool,but it shouldn't be used allthe time. . As a Digital Citizen you are entitled to have freedom.You have the right to privacy and free speech online.We need to use the freedom given to us responsibly and in a way that wouldn't violate any of the digital laws. Digital Communication is theway we communicate online.We communicate in a variety of waysusing Email,Facebook, Skype and more. We need to understand the importanceof not giving away private informationonline to ensure we communicate ina safe manner. This is the action of protecting your information online. We can secure our work by having virus protections and backups of our data. This refers to acting in a safe and responsible manner online. Rules can be places on websites such as social media so others can report inappropriatebehavior. As Digital Citizens we should think before posting information online as a way of protectingourselves Digital Law is inflicted whenyou are being held accountable for your online actions.An example of an online crime is copyright. You should never present work which is not your own as this is against the law. We need to be taught as to what not todo online to ensure we are safe. Digital Access is the idea ofmaking technology opento anyone wanting touse it and never deniying anyoneof technology. Digital Access works towardsequal digital rights. We can hep by sharingwith others how to use technology and thebest ways they can access it. Let's be smart Don't give away private information online Treat people the wayyou want to betreated Stand up againstcyber bullying Take care of technology equipment Digital Citizen is: "the norms of appropriate responsible technology use."
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