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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 IMPACT Many people believe that the same technologies multiple consequences! The use of computers and the Internet is looked upon as a good thing and a bad thing. For example, some say that it enforces a sense of community and others say it is diminishing social interaction. 67% 56% There is a difference in the academic gapand the performance gap. For example, giving underachieving students calculators closes the academic gap but leave the performance gap wide open. The term Digital Divide refers to the unequal access to technology. Public Debate addresses that this "Digital Divide" is happening because of technology problems and no so much social problems. The earlier debates about cable and the latestdebates about Internet reflect of the interaction between technology and society. The Digital Divide There are many attributes that matter when talking about The Digital Divide. The children's access to hardware, software, connectivity, and academic and culturally responsive digital content depend of everything from race tosocio-economic differences. One of the most important ones would be wealth vs poverty. "So, what is the Digital Equity SIG doing? We work to bring leaders and policy makers from education, business, philanthropy, human-services agencies, and government together to share promising and proven digital-equity strategies so that more children will realize the educational, economic, and personal benefits of learning technologies."-Bonnie Bracey Sutton Why does this matter? We are looking at a completely different kind of divide. While access has increased substantially, the kind of access varies. Most minorities in the Pew studies reported using their phone for accessing email and the Internet. In 2010 only 56 percent of African American households reported having broadband access compared to 67 percent of white households (Home Broadband 2010). White Black SOLUTION"Just recently, Comcast launched Internet Essentials, a low-cost Internet service for families receiving free school lunches that is available wherever Comcast provides services. In addition, communities need to ensure that libraries stay open, schools can provide access to their labs after school, and organizations need to plan their communication strategies around the connection style of the populations they serve." -MaryBeth Hertz
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