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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2 The art of informing, persuading, and inspiring action in an audience through digital media. Digital Rhetoric Is Me Work 5 - Staying informed of what already exist - Keeping page load with new content - Seeking feedback & taking an interest in visitors- Assuming nothing & checking everything- Promoting the site on Facebook & Hootsuite (Twitter short cut)- KNOWING MY AUDIENCE Major How? What does my audience want to know?What is my audience interested in and show importance?Does my audience agree with or oppose my central intrest? Is my content useful? Does my audience want knowledge or to be entertained?How to deal witht the unexpected audience? Much of what I say and how I say it depends on whether my audience is a group of experts (professors & employers) or a more general audience such as family, co-workers, friends or diverse people who are interested in my topic or life. I learned that in order to communicate with other individuals to get a messageacross I must understand their point of view before they even express it to me. The relationships between my audiences need to be knowledge based. I have to present myself as an expert in what I do in order to gain pathos with my audience. I have to convey morals while expressing freedom of speech. The Classic Social media isnt private, but I take measures to ensure my privacy. I am not paranoid about my privacy settings on my social media accounts, but I do pay close attention when using the Internet. My LinkedIn, for example, lets me know who has viewed my profiles and who is interested in a connection,while Twitter and Instagram alerts me when I have new followers.I disable all my hotspots for all my online accounts. I don't want strangers to know my exactlocation. I feel securer using protected browsers, I surf using https and stay away from emails that target advertisement. I avoid apps, networks or login links that connect from service providers and store my information and archive old messages. I update my passwords on a regular and create phrases as my passwords.Most importantly I THINK BEFORE I POST. 2. Argument The audience determines in digital rhetoric style. I need to understand what kinds of words or effect will my digital space have on my audience? Which is based on the genre. For instance, for my projecton tracking the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards, I chose to present my findings in the form of a digital magazine, because when I hear entertainment, magazine comes to mind. The content I delivered in themagazine was fun, relaxed and basic language because it fit the audience I was aiming for. 5. Delivery 1. Invention 3. Style CAMTASA is a great way to illustrate how to use the different digital spaces of unique genres throughvideo. An INFOGRAPHIC on EASEL.LY is a creative way to inform through visual presentation online to define and reflect on Digital Rhetoric or any topic. JOOMAG is perfect for creating an online interactive magazine for entertainment or highlighting an event. The beauty of digital rhetoric is learning newprograms designed for communicating online. Before taking WRA 415 (Digital Rhetoric), I had never used any of these programs, now I am an expert. Because of the Internet and Digital Rhetoric my class projects are online for other students to use as examples and motavation to create amazing projects. 4. Memory Memory in a digital space is content. If I have a website and I am placing new content once a year. My audience would wonder, Do I really know what Im doing?” I have to be confident in my spacebefore I can expect any one to be comfortable with my information. Its not only about new content, but accuracy. If I am managing a web page about the government, economy or political issues, I have to know whats going on at all times and be able to respond to my audience comments with no hesitation. Raise these questions in Digital Rhetoric What does my blog say about me, what do I want to sell my audience? What content about myself do I display as a professional writer? What do I want my friends and family to know about me? What new and innovated way can I present a project at school or work? My Perspective C - An identity on social media is one of the most popular trends on the web. Therefore, I am guilty of having a Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. With these social tools I have build a reputation on the Internet.I use Twitter and Facebook all the time to keep up with what is going on.I am able to communicate, express myself and interact with my friends and family through photography, memes and what's on my mind every second of the day. Privacy & Security If I had to define rhetoric in one word it would be communication. The evolvement of the Internet has made communication easy and quick. The invention part of digital rhetoric is the main objective, which could be acceptance in a social setting, advertising a product, informing a group, highlighting an event or showcasing a presentation for work or a company. Once I have establish my location and determinethe content, I have to aim for pathos, logos and ethos in my digital setting. NeoAristotelian Visual Culture has allowed me to select a rhetorical perspectives. Once a perspectivehas been established one must underline the message to communicate and launch the question. Culture has grown with the Internet, which has created various communities. Everything is digital, As a writer I question, "What will be the future of pen and paper." The amount of communities on the Internet is endless,and it is impossible to branch out to all. A rhetorical perspective helps eliminate the communities that do not align with my career path. Pursuing an MA in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing has exposed me to some perspective that will hell me grow in my future career goals. Narrative LIFE Culture & Rhetoric Fiction Author & Script WritingCreative Non-Fiction AuthorContent Manager for Ebony Magazine Media My Identity Note To Self I Always Remember APC Google Defines Digital Rhetoric: A world on the Internet where the AUDIENCE holds the master KEY toopen the door to which INFORMATION will be interpret, spread, develop an edit in a digital space, while the AUTHOR maintains VOICE. Shewonda Leger WRA 415 - P4 - Student Project December 6, 2013 Digital Rhetoric In A - Audience B - Digital rhetoric in my life, major and work create my digital identity. I realize that having an online identity can be a good thing and that the social web can and will influence how others perceive me, both personally and professionally. At the same time, I have acknowledged that I will not be able to keep two separate online identities for professional and personal purposes. Instead I have learned howto mange both in away that my social networks with my friends wont affect my professional networks. For instance, on my social networks I don't use my real name as my user name. This makes it harder for employees or other individuals to find my account. I'm still human, I have fun every now and then. But: I currently hold a graduate assistant position as communication manger for the Writing, Rhetoric and American Culture (WRAC) department at MSU. One of my duties is to provide content for the WRAC official web page. What type of content: Bits, Nuggets and Showcase, which are different lengths of articles. The articles/content I provide for the webpage must relate to WRAC students, faculty, staff and interest. Learning how to mange content on a web page that caters to four different audiencescan become difficult, but manageable. Shewonda Defines Digital Rhetoric:
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