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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Digital Citizenship Digital Footprint What digital footprint do you leave? Things you post can affect your whole lifeLogging onto websites can leave a digital footprintWe might leave our email, picture, name, or other info. It may be recordedWherever you go online, you leave a footprint so other know where you have been to and what behaviors you haveCan be searched no matter what Online Safety How can we make sure we are safe on the Internet? Responsibility Use easy bibsearch appropriate webkeep self imagegive creditsNO cyber bullyingno gossipprivate info is privatesearch appropriate webs Balance We have to have balance, not always looking at screens.Do not spend over 4 hours on gaming on the screens. Do not post anything you will regret in the futureBe respectful of others, yourselfChoose appropriate usernames passwords and avatarsImagine how upset your parents will be if they find out what bad things you are doing onlineBlock users who do not respect your reputation How would you feel if many people tracked and knew where you are? Scared worried scarednervousscaredblock user or reportcalm, and tackle the problem These answers are all from a survey The websites that I got the information from Do not illegally download stuff from the internet
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