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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Maturity of mind is the capacity to endure uncertainty. This is basically the selling of things that goes on online. More and more people are now using the internet to buy goods. There are specialized websites that are dedicated to the trading of goods. E.g. Ebay, Amazon Digital Literacy is theeffectiveness ofa person dealing with technology. It is basically how much access you have to an online technology.It is the base of being a Digital Citizen because without being online regularly, you are not a Digital Citizen. A Digital citizen is a person who accesses the internet for various reasons and follows online etiquette Digital laws were putin place to protect people Here are some are thing are illegal:If you steal someone elses identity, it iscalled identity theftStealing some elses work is called intellectual theft or piracy and plagiarism.Hacking, creating and sending viruses to others is also illegal This is the electronic exchange of information whether it is online or offline.This includes e-mail, instant messages, social networks This is the proper usage of technology. This includes: not saying stuff youshouldnt online, not posting inappropriate pictures, not downloading inappropriate things, not copying information without the consent of the writer. It is also knowing when it is appropriate to use technology and when it is not. Road to Being A Digital Citizen SURVIVAL GUIDE This is making sure people are safe from being physical or psychologically harmed. On social Networks, you cannot see the person who you are talking to so anyone could be trying to harm you without you knowing who it is. Meaning keeping yourself safe from the dangers of the digital world electronically. This also includes protecting yourself from viruses. Check website address for the lock sign and https. Digital Rights refer to the right everyone has to use all types of digital technology and to have privacy and to be able to express your self in any way. DIGITAL COMMERCE DIGITAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS DIGITAL LAW DIGITAL ETIQUETTE DIGITAL ACCESS DIGITAL COMMUNICATION DIGITAL LITERACY DIGITAL SECURITY AND SELF PROTECTION DIGITAL RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Install protective software.Choose strong passwords.Use secure connections.Always triple check websitesDon't talk to people you don't know online. No personal information
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