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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 80 DIGITIZING A+E TODAY +34 resource hrs/wk.* drag and drop icons,shapes, text or upload your own from our extensive library of artwork Depts: Home Video Group, Post, Encoding, Digital start from scratch[clears the canvas] episode title Today's MONTHLY bandwidth allows for digitizing 20 extrahours of library and special orders per BRAND. METADATA = video title, description, show/episode info is manually added... MPX Digital Broadband teams to transcode and publish all files in MPX. Any request outside of the 100 hours. episode desc episode # TV rating season # program ID series title authenticated? Show goes to the library in Stamford Editors fade commercial breaks or remove completely for Video or DTO. Files are encod SPECIAL PROJECTS = Any request outside of the 80 monthly hours. hour Departments: Production Servies + Digital Special project of digitizing 400 extra hours of HISTORYprogramming in a month could happen 2 ways: OBJECTS 1. EXISTING HARDWARE + RESOURCES 2. THIRD PARTIES 3 Edit Suites running overnight for 6.7 hours produces: 20 hours of programming a night. 100 hours of programming a week. 400 hours a month PRODUCTION SERVICES DIGITAL MEDIA +56 billable hrs./week +8.6 resource hrs/wk* Transcoding, Metadata, Publishing occurs overnight,as not to impact daily brand workflow*. Secure Third Party to execute a one-time, batch digitization,including editing, encoding, closed captioning, transcode and upload of all files. CASE STUDY *ESTIMATED 5-day work week for 1 person operating 3 edit suites for 6.7 hrs/day. *ESTIMATED 5-day work week
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