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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Produce working software earlyand constinously Respond to change Consistency - Implementation Process is all about resolving Issues.Issues can be Categorized as... New Featuresor Enhancements Support Requirements for implemented applications Digiata's Implementation Team Lead Planning Effort - Planning to Proactively manage and deliver on Client expectations Application bugs that need resolution Breaks Issues into Task Pricing Create software and IT solutions that help businesses increase efficiency, reduce risk and easily scale. Issue Log Level - Prioritize Issues- Indicates Issue Status- Communicates Project Status to Clients Tools Used: Digiata's Value Proposition - Philosophy behind Digiata's Implementation is to develop iteratively and keep iterations short (2-weeks) with a working product at the end of each iteration. Iteration Life Cycle Digiata In-house Products and Partners Implementors - Team Leads, Senior, Mid and Junior System Analyst and Developers, - Implementors are generalized specialists, who are jack-of-all-trades and master of few eXPERIENCE between 1-15 years in Financial and technology Services - Weekly Project Update Meetings with Project Stakeholders - Release Notes- Release Emails - User Guides- Training Manuals - Philosophy behind Digiata's Client Communication plan is to provide the Project Stakeholders with timely, forward-looking and relevant information in a consistent manner. Communication Methods - Allocate Task based on Priority- Weekly Scrum Meetings with Team - Complete Iteration Task- Manage QA and Production Support Issues - Project Update Meeting with Stakeholders- Deploy to QA or Production- Prepare for next Iteration Value Adding Solutions - Guided by its Implementation philosophy Digiata's Implementation Process is evolving to adapt to Industry demands and adopt best practices, such as to improve efficiency in delivering value to their clients Twenty 57 - Digiata Specializes in Implementing.. Integration and Automation Payment Process and Recons Migration and Conversions Microsoft IBM ORACLE - Iteration Planning- Allocate Task to Implementors- Prioritize Task- Communicates Task Status- Backlog Task Level Tools Used: 4. Client Communication 3. Implementation Managing Issues 2. Planning Estimates Effort Issue Log 1. Understanding Requirements Digiata's Implementation Process Simplif y Implementation Philosophy
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