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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION WORK SETTING SALARY & EMPLOYMENT 5 KEY JOB DUTIES Average salary (2013) Average hourly pay (2013) Employed (2013) Job growth (2012 - 2022) $53,130 $25.54 191,030 ENTRY LEVEL EDUCATION REFERENCES 1. created by: © 2015 Completion of an Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP) approved dietary manager training program. These programs are usually 12-months or 2-years and award either a certificate or associate'sdegree. Earn CDM, CFPP (Certified Food Protection Professional) credential(they go together collectively) by passing the ANFPs CDM/CFPP exam. Work settings include kitchens and cafeterias at healthcare facilities, schools and restaurants. Certified dietary managers work with RDs and DTRs, taking on administrative roles in overseeing the food preparation process. DIETARY MANAGER Overseeing preparation and circulation of food. Conducting job interviews with, employing, and training food service staff. Making sure that rules and procedures for cleanliness are adhered to. Looking after a food departments day-to-day business operations. Establishing and complying with spending plan. Health Career Profiles: Nutrition Statistics for Certified Dietary Mgrs. working in the U.S. * Employment Outlook 2% Little or no growth * Above statistics are for ALL food servicemanagers, not just CDMs. May not accurately reflect the pay and outlook for CDMs specifically.
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