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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Joseph Plateau moving picture or image. one of his inventions where the phenakistoscope which he invented in 1832 William George Horner William was a schoolteacher, a school and a schoolmaster. he was famous for creating the zoetrope in invented in 1834. Charles Émile Reynaud He was a french inventor. One of his piece of work was called La Rosace Magique. it was his doing that the first color animation came to life. The device he used is called the praxinoscope and he invented it in 1877 Georges Méliès He was a french illusionist and film maker. He accidentally discovered the substitution stop trick in 1896, and was one of the first filmmakers to use multiple exposures. One example of his work is loeuf du sorcier which translates to The Prolific Egg. Winsor McCay he was american and was famous from an early age from creating posters, his illustrations the newspapers and for his cartoons. he started from 18891903 He got a lot of recognition for his widely known comic strip Little Nemo and his animated film called the dinosaur. Otto Messmer He was an American animation artist and he used cell animation. He started making comics in 1921. Famous for producing popular animations like Felix the Cat which he created in 1958. Walt Disney Walt Disney is world known for being an animator, voice actor and a television producer. People think of him as a cultural icon. he played a big part in animation during the 20th century. One example of a series he did was called Mickey Mouse. he started out using cell animation. his company was founded in 1923 Aardman founded in 1972. it is a british animation studio.Famous for its use of clay animation films such as chicken run and flushed away. Claymaytion films started creating films from 1908 Pixar Used cel animation and was a computer animation studio. one example is Cars, a pixar movie. Founded in 1986 Hanna Berbera Used cell animation.was an American an was an American animation studiothat dominated American television animation for nearly four decades. Founded in 1915.
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