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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Did You Know That Animals Are Masters of Disguise 5.i.According to Animal Camouflage animals disguise them selves by using camouflage that helps them blend in with the enviroment 2.d."Mantises, shaped like flowers, devour insects that fly in to pollinate mock blossoms." said "Hiding in Plain Sight" 3.d." A harmless beetle called Clytus arietes mimics a stinging wasp.",said decoded science. 2.i.According to decoded science there are insects that look like bird droppings 3.i.According to Hiding In Plain Sight, a copperhead will twitch the tip of its worm-like tail to lure hungry frogs According to Amazing sea creatures: Mimic octopus, mimic octopuses confuses its enemies by mimicking other poisonous or dangerous sea creatures so it wont get hunted 5.d."While the mimic octopus is busy shape-shifting to look like a fish, the black marble jawfish comes in, sidles right in next to the octopus, and pretends to be one of its tentacles." 1.i.10 Sea Creatures With Amazing Disguises said that a cockatoo waspfish's body resembles a dead leaf so its largely ignored by potential predators 1.d." The cuttlefish can change color as it swims to match the patterns of the ocean floor,"said the free library 4.d."There are marine shrimps whose bodies are almost totally transparent in water,"said decoded science 4.i.According to the free library zebras in a group use their stripes to hide and make the lion confused
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