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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Public Service Announcement Twitter claims to be building a safer twitter. This Public Service Announcement Sponsored By Andy Kaufman's Kavalkade Krew, A Satirical, Commentary and Newsfeed Non-Commercial Blog. Fair Use Doctrine Applies Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Claims To Be Taking Personal Responsibility Twitter CEO Dick Costolo On Receiving Death Threats Thats a jarring thing for anyone to deal with, I hope that Twitter will revisit their policies, and not allow threats like these to occur.As one of reasonable mind might understand, it's hard for a small, private individualand customer of Twitter to know who is and who is not a viable threat.Is a man that declares he will fly over in the winter, has the resources to do so, andhas been suspended for violent threats, tweeting private information, and warnedyet again for violent threats a viable threat? How specific must such threats be, before Twitter will actually act?I expect Twitter to take all precautions to protect Mr. Costolo, the co-founder andevery employee of Twitter.I'd like to think that Twitter would eat least moderate other accounts that make threats, as I don't expect them to send me a bodyguard.Oh, the man made these threats to me, even as I was his customer, and after June 2014, in Leadership with him at Empire Avenue.And he has a documented history of threats to others.Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often. Mark Twain I suppose I could make a bad joke about them not being specific as to date and time, so Twitter shouldn't be worried, but I won't.I happen to think that Twitter shouldn't allow threats at all. What I will point out is that Twitter has a long history of allowing threats, perhaps not as viable, to their customers. 60 It's sad that Gareth Davies is such a liar. And allowed to be an predator on Twitter.I reside in Fresno. Wordpress blogger Opinionated Man refers to meas "Kaufmans" on his blog, by name and in "tags". Twitter moderation says they don't break policy.
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