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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry by,Diana Vargas Characters Cassie (narrator)Brothers-Stacey,Christopher-John,and Little manT.J. AveryMamaBig ma (grandma)Mr.Morrison Setting Great Faith schoolHouseRoadWallace's storePond Mildred DeLois Taylor Winner of the Newbery medal,1997Nominated for the national book award chapter 4 . chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 5 The logans while walking to school T.J. comes alng and tells them about the Berry's burning.Then there splashed by the mean bus and get dirty. Genre The Logan kids are introduced to a very tall man Mr.Morrison and why he is staying even though they think otherwise. historical fiction T.J. tries cheating in his history test but Stacey gets blamed for it instead. After school Stacey tries to teach him a lesson but T.J. isin the Wallace's store.So he followes him disobeying his parents.Stacey catches up with him and fight but Mr.Morrison breaks it up.Then Bigma and Cassie go up to the pond and she tells her the whole history of how they bought the Logan land. Having been splashed by the school bus too many times they decide to take revenge.They dug out a trench and by the time they had comeback the trench was a muddy lake.The school bus axel was broken by the lake and couldn't help themselves but laugh. Then the laughter became to terror when they heard "they were riding tonight".At night Cassie ventured outside and saw them and froze but thankfully they left. Cassie finally accompanies them to Strawberry and is disappointed were they were located.When they went grocerie shopping Cassie got angry when she had to wait on other customers being served first.When she protested the shopkeeper threw her out.Then she bumped into liliane Jean,despite her apologies,she is orderd to walk on the road but refuses.Then Lilian jean's father forces her to apologize so against her wishes she apologized and returned to the wagon in tears.
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