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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DIABETES Of men 20 yearsand olderhave diabetesin the U.S 11.8% 10.8% Of women20 yearsand olderhavediabetes in the U.S Type 1 DIABETES VS Type 2 DIABETES 10% of all people with diabetes have type 1 diabetes 90% of all peoplewith diabeteshave type 1diabetes 10% 90% Type One Key facts double click to change this title text! - It's caused by the body no producing any insulin- Has nothing to do with lifestyle or weight- often starts in late childhood or adolescence- may be triggered by virus or infection Type Two double click to change this header text! -Occurs when the pancreas produces insufficient insulin to maintain a good glucose level -Obesity can lead to Type 2 diabetes -Often develops in people over the age of 40 -Counts for 90% of Americans Type One Type Two double click to change this header text! - Thirst/Dry mouth- Frequent urination- Weight Loss- Fatigue- Blurred Vision Often has no symptoms - Blurred Vison - Thirst/Dry mouth - Frequent urination - Leg pain - REDUCE YOUR RISK OF TRPE TWO DIABETES Change theway you cook Exercise Carb Counting What you eatis important.Also the way you eat.Avoid fryingyour foodand use othermethods, suchas steamingor baking instead Carb counting isthe best way tounderstand howcarbohydratesaffect your bloodsugar level.Use food labelsand scales tomeasure theamount of carbscontained in your food Obesity, highcholesteroland highblood pressureare triggersfor diabetes.keepingyour weightunder controlcan reducediabetes risk Myths People withdiabetescannot eatsugar at all You cancatchdiabetesfrom otherpeople
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