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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dhaka Urbanisation Struggles Population: 14543124Population Density: approx 50001 people per square mile Population Growth: 1.6 Per Year The Average Life expectancy of a Male:66.64 years and Female:69.71 years Within Dhaka The Average Rates of Births: 21.6 per 1000 population andDeaths: 5.65 per 1000 population Within Dhaka The Urban Population of Dhaka is only 28.4% of Bangladesh's entirety.The Rate of Urbanization within Dhaka is 2.96% almost 3% per year. 50% of Bus Drivers and less than half of CNG drivers have proper licenses within Dhaka One and a half million people within Dhaka drive rickshaws for a living In 2001 only only about 62% of Dhaka could read or write A physical aspect of the mega city Dhaka is that only 7% of Dhaka is covered by roads compared to the many other cities with 25% to 40% of their roads. Not only that but there are 650 major intersections but only 60 traffic lights. The cost of the traffic congestion caused by this is an estimated 3.8 billion dollars a year. This Physical Aspect of so bad it causes huge problems to residence of Dhaka.Some pedestrians are sometimes forced to climb over the traffic to reach their destination. Though this problem is only growing bigger and bigger with 37000 cars to Dhaka's roads every year. In 2012 an announcement that a 2.75 billion dollar plan to build a metro city rail station though 85% of the funds are on loan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency.This project though seemingly helpful could cause even greater problems in the future as it is still being built. A Mega city is a city that has a population of over ten million people and is constant in that aspect so if for a day a festival occurred in a city and the population increased from five million to above ten million the city in question would only be mega city for the duration of the time that the population exceeded ten million. Their creation is through the process of economic and social change in which people from rural areas move to urban areas through the effects of push and pull factors. This is called Rural-UrbanMigration. This increase of residents from rural areas moving to Urban areas is called Urbanization. So what is a megacity? Dhaka the megacity The city of Dhaka is situated within the country of Bangladeshand is its capital city. It is the sixteenth largest mega city in the entire world
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