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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Christmas In Canada In Quebec they display Creches or Nativityscenes. Boxing Day, which is celebrated the day after Christmas, is mostly a day of sales at stores. Chicken Bones is a cinnamon flavored hard candy that is filled with chocolate. The belsnicklers ringbells, make noise, andseek candy or treats.(Belsnicklers are masked mummers) Masked mummers are a tradition from Newfoundland In Nova Scotia, duringthe twelve days of Christmas, groups ofBelsnicklers appearin neighborhoods. A big winter festival,called Sinck tuck, celebrated by the Eskimos. Masked mummers are a tradition from Newfoundland. In Quebec, the endof Christmas is called La Fte Du Roi. Canada's Christmas traditions are very different than how we celebrate here. My family decorates with lights and other decoration. While in Canada most families decorate with Nativity scenes. Some families in Canada will open gifts on Christmas Eve, but others will wait untilChristmas Day like we do. Some people here will stick to their families; while in Canada they all celebrate together. There are many other differences, but it would take me forever to state them all.
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