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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DEVELOPMENT Learning Events Professional Safety Training Leadership Training Conferences Upcoming Training Opportunities Secondments Memberships "A workforce that is poised tomeet our changing business directions."* coursesannually 45 1500 learnersannually Course topics include: Drainage Management Critical Structural Construction IssuesContract Oversight (3 Gen AMC) + Critical Structural Issues + Contract Oversight+ Drainage Training PHM University Popular courses: participantsexpected 857+ 17 major events scheduled (2014/15) Events include: "Invest in innovation and research that directly supportsinfrastructure and sustainability"* conferences attended (2014) 75 industry & governmentconferences 30+ Intelligent Transportation Systems 123 179 Individual memberships + Winter Maintenance Workshop+ Geomatics Project Mangers Event + Traffic Supervisors Workshop+ Design Build Seminar Corporate memberships PHM Memberships include: + Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships+ Transportation Assoc. of Canada + Ontario Civil Construction Careers Institute (OCCCI) + Asphalt Paving Technologists+ Transportation Research Board+ Short & Medium Span Bridges Host organizations included: PHM values: Integrity. "We do the right thing." OHS Legislation "Sustained effort onoversight + training on the new delivery models"* PHM Specific Operational Guidelines + Training Contractor LiabilityTraining Strategic HR (SBU) programs for PHM top talent Developing Leaders Leadership Excellence Program (LXP) + Political Acuity Module (2015) + Learning Partnership with First Nations (2015) "...a targeted training strategy to developenhanced policy development, governmentdecision-making and political acuity"* "Work to establish and revisit/update relationships with key stakeholders"* * PHM Strategic Plan 2012-2015 16% + PHM secondment rate (2014) "Further develop workforce skill sets and internal processes thatwill enhance collaborativerelationships"* 13% OPS secondment rate (2014) vs. DSO : Talent Strategy 2014 PP. 5
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