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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Relationship Building Worker Leadership Development Popular Education Community Driven Policies Regional Best Practices Community and Worker Power Culture Change Passing Laws Enforcing Laws Bad Employers Holding all advocacy groups accountable to community writing case studies to provide blue-prints for other groups Control the narrativeterrain on local issues Work together to ensure directly affected folks are hired and supported Focus on supporting empowered citizens of OUR Communitynot clients or stories Identify, reach outand build authentic relationships with front line leaders and institutions Have directly affected community leadership and decision making power in policy and strategy decisions Have inter-sectional, multi-generational campaigns that focus on the whole community that draws strength from local movementsfor racial, gender and immigration justice Diverse media strategy focusing on empowering the community through knowledge Leads to more sustainable campaigns and less compromised bills Utilize worker skills and networks to educate public Organize! Organize! Organize! Utilize Participatory Community Action Research Supporting the community's self empowerment and knowledge/skills building Hire and retain advocates and organizers from the communities most deeply affected by local issue Build strong, supportive and accountable relationships within coalition Tie education programs to leadership recruitment and organizing Build standing bodies of workers who can push and lead thenext campaign
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