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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHAT I HAVE LEARNED 1ST SEMESTER Every time you!! ANNOTATE Taking down important notes! Understanding the text! Tragic Hereo A person of noble birth with heroic or heroic qualities He/She has a Downfall :0 Gives the audience catharasis Suffers not knowing, what to do ........................ He must DIE!! ALSO!!!!!!!!! ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY WRITTING 1.THESIS:Violent video games should not be played amongst young boys because they can't differentiate between reality and fiction, they become violent and uncontrollable, and they begin to develop disrespectful and abusive characteristics. 2.TOPIC SENTENCE: Violent video games cause young boys to be very disrespectful & abusive to women as young boys or men. 3. COUNTERPOINT:........Marie found out her husband favorite game as a kid was True Crime which he found it funny to shoot and beat women...... 4.COMMENTARY:This isnt right that video games has an effect in men today from childhood which women have to suffer. 5.REBUTTAL: The more honest the depictions of violence in such a work,the more effective the media is toward helping us imagine and consider the true consequencesof armed conflict. 6. TRANSITION:When video games doesnt get all the anger out of the boys the next step is taking it out on other people. FINALLY!! "Fair is foul, and foul is fair" ( Act I, Scene I).
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