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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Design Process Zack Carter This step, being the first of twelve, is the most important. If you don't properly define the problem then you won't have any solutions,terminating the rest of the design process. You need to know what you're problem is. Step One: Defining the Problem Step Two: Brainstorming Possible Solutions Have only one idea being talked about at a time if you're working in a group. Be sure to make use of everyone in your group. Write everything down! Step Three: Research Ideas and Explore Possibilities Look at similar past problems and look at their solutions.Try to mimic similar solutions.What kind of information do you need to solve the problem? Step Four: Identify Criteria and Guidelines Know your criteria! What constraints do you have? Take the consumers' needs and wants into consideration.Are there any regulations against your materials used to make this product? Step Five: Any alternatives? Start with a blank slate, don't let preconceptions to limit your ideas! Look at it from different angles and make more than one alternative solution. Step Six: Select an Approach Which of your ideas are the best? Decide on one; how will it help your product? Step Seven: Writing a Design Proposal No that you know all of the specifics, you are ready to make your design proposal. This proposal answers questions like where, when, how, and what you're producing. Step Eight: Make a Model or Prototype Make a 3D model of the product. Test it to see if you've missed anything or made any errors. Don't forget to make it out of something pliable so that you can easily change it. Step Nine: Test it! Test it to see what you have created.Be proud you have gotten this far! Record your results and edit your idea to correct problems. Step Ten: Refine and Improve Use the data collected to identify any problems. Refer to steps 1-6 for solving them. Step Eleven: Make Your Product Create and market your product based off of all of yourhard work and planning! Understand comments and criticism about your product. Step Twelve: Communicate the Results What are your consumers saying? Do you need to revamp the idea and start from scratch or just fix one thing?
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