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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Desert By : Natasha and Sachi Global Warming Global Warming is when there is to much carbon dioxide in the air.This can also be called green house effect.Global Warming causes more droughts. Droughts dry up water holes. Solution to Global Warming and Droughts Humans should use water sources more efficently. Off -Road Vehicles Off-road vehicles are vehicle which are capable of driving on and off paved or gravel surface When off-road vehicles are used the wrong way, they can cause damage to desert habitats. A way to fix off-road vehicles is to only use them on roadways. Solution to Off-Road Vehicle Damage Threats to the Desert that have solutions How Can We Help? Humans can help keep the desert how it is by doing these things: 1) Use water sources more efficiently.2) Find new ways to rotate crops in the fragile soil of the desert.3) Plant sand-fixing bushes and trees, and also plant leguminous plants4) Use off-road vehicles only on roadways.5) Dig artificial grooves in the ground. Conclusion In conclusion, the desert really needs our help. Its home to many animals and plants.The world not be the way it is today without deserts. Since deserts keep the world alive, we need to keep them alive too. You, me, your friends, everyone has been impacted by the biomes of the world. And we need to help protect them. - Grazing of animals -Potassium cyanide used when in gold mining- Oil and gas production- Nuclear waste being dumped in the desert-Irrigation used for agriculture can lead to salt levels in the soil becoming too high tosupport plants. Threats Thank you for taking a look at our infographic! We hope that this helped you understand the threats in the desert.
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