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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FACTS DEPRESSION BY TANYA ANTERO A LIFESTYLE DISEASE SHORT TERM EFFECTS SYMPTOMS GROUPS AT RISK PREVENT IT Everyone is at risk of getting depression but young teenagers are the ones with the highest risk of getting it. Adolescence is a part of life in which all teenagers face bullying, body issues and stress which are all main causes of depression. - Consult with an expert - Therapist, Psychologist etc- Exercise There are several short term effects of depression which the effects approximately last 1 week max.- Lack of appetite and extreme weight loss.- Lack of emotion- Lack in Concentration- Restlessness and overstressing Emotional Changes - Unhappiness, constant tears, feelings of worthlessness and tiredness.Perceptive Changes - Low self esteem, gloomy thoughts, struggling to concentrate or make decisionsPhysical Changes - Lack of appetite, trouble sleeping - staying up late, poor attention to personal hygiene and restless ness LONG TERM EFFECTS RISK FACTORS There are several long term effects of depression if untreated for a very long period of time such as- Social Withdrawal- Shorter Lifespan - 25 years earlier than the average human lifespan- Unstable Sleeping Pattern- Breathing Issues - Hyperventilation and Panic Attacks Depression is usually caused by something, these are the following causes and risk factors of depression.- Family History - Family Abuse, Divorce etc.- Personality - In some people's personality they tend to stress, over think or contain some aspects of depression.- Depression can cause illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.- Abuse of alcohol or drugs.
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