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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 20% Conclusion Depression affects each the health triangle and could cause even more problems. Depression affects your social health by the disorder making you not enjoy what you used to, making you want to stay in home alone instead of out with friends. This is make you slowly push your friends away more and more making you more antisocial. Depression can affect your physical health obviously by committing suicide or harming yourself. But it could also make you more lazy to stay inside or up the sport or goal you were trying to reach. You then could become over weight and more health problems come with that. And depression already messes up your mental health but it can tell you that self harm is ok and the answer. Or it can make you feel like a mistake and want to kill yourself or even that your friends really hate you and so you might hide from or lash out at them. A healthy lifestyle can help prevent depression by having someone to talk to and let your feelings out and they can comfort and reassure you that everything is ok. Friends, family, or therapist help clear your head by listening. If you don't tell someone the thoughts will just build up. Also if the environment is bad, try to change it. If you can't, depending on what it is, try to leave it. It's not worth getting yourself stuck into what seems like a bottomless pit. Talking it out isn't the cure, but it really helps prevent from getting depression. Treatments You can take antidepressants or go to one of the many choices of the therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy, light therapy, family therapy, behavior therapy, psychotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy)
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