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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 9% 10% represented VENDOR ADMIN Access Media Portal Content Based Portal Basic Access Portal Administrators are granted a wide array of search, management and reporting capabilities through the Access Media Portal. Branded 1 2 3 5 DEPARTMENTS 1 Vendors may gain access through the Access Media Portal, though their options will be limited. This options is ideal for suppliers who are not already associated with a network or their network does not subscribe to the Content Based Portal. 2 Vendors that are currently doing business with a network may log in through their Content Based Portal directly from the network's website. 4 3 5 The Basic Portal grants the networks their own log in page leading to a non-branded site. The options are the same as the Content Portal once logged in, though vendorsmust register from the Access Media Portal. "Search and View Only" subscriptions offer access through the Access Media Portal. Once the user is logged in, they will be able to search through Access Media's vendor database usingbasic and advanced filter options for viewing only. Networks can subscribe to the Content Based Portal for a customized and directapproach. The structure matched the Basic Portal, while the content and graphicswill be left to the network's design. This option also allows for direct access andvendor on-boarding from their website. 4 NETWORK
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