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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Density: Why heavy? Candyfloss 22,61 Osmium's density, when it issolid, is at a crazy The sugar Candyfloss's density is only What? Osmium is a Chemical element Candyfloss containsmostly air Os Osmium's symbol snack Candyfloss is a tasty treat often bought in amusement parks 0,018 Melted, crystalisedand formed. Ever about how to make a ? THOUGHT LAVA LAMP SO Osmium Osmium and iridium alloy 2 tsp sugar Water's density 1,0 kg/Liter Oil's density 0,8 kg/Liter double click to change this header text! g/cm3 g/cm3 STEP 2. Afterwards you take 12 half soluble tablets,and put them into the oil, and the water with the fruit colour.The gas which is released from the tabletstakes the fruit colour upwards Water, oil, fruit color, 1,5 L plastic bottle and soluble tablet When the water and fruit colourreach the top, it will seek downwards since it'sheavier than oil.This wil create thelava lamp effect. STEP 3. Sources: 8/ You mix the oil and,water which also containsthe fruit colour, and let it rest.The oil will seperate itselffrom the water,since water's densityis heavier than oil's. STEP 1.
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