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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Upthrust and Density ? What is Upthrust? What is Density?What is water resistance? Density is how heavy something is for its size. Upthrust is the force in water that pushes upwards against gravity. That is why... A log will float! A marble orpaperclip will sink! Wood is less dense than the same amount of water.Marble or metal is denser than the same amount of water. Because of DENSITY! When you drop a brick through air, it falls fast,but when you drop it through water it goes very slow. If two people have a race, one running through water and the other running on land, the person running on land will win. Why? Because of UPTHRUST!Why? Because of WATER RESISTANCE! Up thrust is the force in water that pushes against gravity. Unlike air resistance, the force that pushes against gravity on land, upthrust is pretty powerful. That is why when the brick drops through water, it goes slow. Upthrust is fighting against gravity. The reason the person is the water doesn't win is because they are fighting a much powerful force, water resistance. Whereas, the person on land is only fighting air resistance. But compared to water resistance, air resistance is quite weak. Density is why a paperclip will sink and a log will float!Upthrust is why a brick will fall fast on land, but slow in the water! The mystery of water has been solved! Water resistance is the force that pushes against gravity and stops you from moving horizontally. , Water Resistance
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