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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 To learn more about how Deluxe can lower your spot distribution costsby 30% or more, contact me at Creative/OrderCoordination SecondaryProductionServices Clearance/BroadcastVerification andEncoding Online SpotDistribution Archive andStorage ImmediateMediaFeedback Online Order Entry andOrder Management byDedicated Staff * Closed Captioning* Versioning/Tagging* Transcoding* Digital File Creation* Reslates* Mass Duplication* DVD Authoring* Conversions * MediaVu* Spot Trac* Teletrax* Veil * HD, SD, 3D - Broadcast Networks - Cable Networks - Spot / Local - Radio - Internet* Full Destination Support * Digital Asset Management* Master File Library* Physical Storage - New York / NJ - Los Angeles - San Francisco * Online POD's* E-mail Alerts* Media Status* QC Status* Order Status Deluxe AdServices - Web Based Supply Chain Services Online Order Entry withStreamlined Uploads andInstantaneous QC Transparency and SpeedThroughout Post & DeliveryProcess Same day Digital Deliveryto 7,500 TV, 14,000 Radioand virtually any DigitalMedia Outlet On-demand, secure accessto your media files andproof of delivery reporting or 347-325-3197 What We Do! Check us out at: Who We Are! 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 First U.S.Radio Stations FCC isformed First TV ad is for"Bulova clocks" VideotapeIntroduced PBS isformed Sony Betamaxintroduced HDTV debuts MTV debuts Color TV 2015 - Deluxe 100year anniversary! 3D TV debuts Deluxe AdServices AdServices Deluxe is a strategic partner to Advertisers and Ad Agencies who utilize our various companiesand services throughout the entire lifecycle of a spot to not only maintain complete ownershipof their content, but to also ensure all end to end creative, production and distribution needsare met on time and on budget! Deluxe has a unique Brand Heritage of servicing all Production, Post Production, Distribution and AssetManagement needs of our Advertiser clients from Capture to Consumption for nearly 100years! We can lower yourSpot DistributionCosts by 30%! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some Deluxe Highlights: - We deliver 75+ custom video formats to 8000+ destinations - 60% of all Network Clearance is managed via Deluxe MediaVu - Deluxe encodes & delivers over 60,000 files per month to Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and others - We store over 100 petabytes of data and content, and move over 1.4 petabytes of data per month We will work with you to better understandyour business and current processes, inorder to determine the best availablesolutions and services that Deluxe can offerto help your company Streamline Workflows,Increase Efficiencies and Lower CostsDeluxe is also an Intl company that ownsand operates 16 Global Distribution Hubswith 75 offices worldwide deliveringcontent to 116 countries with over 5,500industry professionals at your service tohelp streamline services and offercompletely integrated workflows. Eisenhower runsfirst political TV ad TV debuts atthe World's Fair 1915 - Deluxe is born!
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