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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Did the Industrial Revolution open up new opportunities for the poor and give them greater hope, or did it close off opportunities they once had and make their lives more difficult? 1 I believe the Industrial Revolution opened up some opportunities for the poor and others, but also closed off some opportunities they once had and made their lives more difficult. . . "What was to become of coach makers, and harness-makers, coach-masters, coachmen, inn-keepers, horsebreeders and horse-dealers?" (Doc.#2) The steam-driven locomotive, AKA the train, was invented during the Industrial Revolution.Although it allowed for faster transportation, it put many industries out of business, like theones in the quote above. 2 "Instead of straw beds, and a single rug for a covering, are substituted feather or flock beds, several blankets, sheets, and often a cotton quilt. Chairs and tables occupy the place of benches and stools.Wooden trenchers have given way to earthenware plates and dishes, and to the iron pot is now commonly added the gridiron, frying pan and saucepans."(Doc.#8) During the Industrial Revolution, the way people lived began to change dramatically. Housing becamemore luxurious, even for people with a little less money. 3 "One influential cause of the diminished rate of mortality will be found in the introduction of vaccination, which has had so powerful an effect in diminishing the rate of mortality among children: besides which, the extensive surface drainage which has been going forward in those parts of the country which, owing to the presence of stagnant waters, were once productive of intermittent fevers, has added to the general healthiness of the country." (Doc.#7) The introduction of medicines during the Industrial Revolution allowed for the death rates to drop, and the population increased significantly.
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